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Learning Assistance Program (LAP)

LAP is a state–funded program allocated to support schools in serving students with the greatest deficits in academic basic skills as identified by statewide assessments. Basic skills are defined as reading, math, writing and readiness. LAP is intended to be supplemental. This is to be in additional to basic education support, not in place of.

Eligible students are those achieving below grade level on the state's assessment, and 11th-and 12th-grade students at risk of not graduating. Achievements on the district assessments of basic skills are also considered.

The assessments used in Clover Park School District to qualify students for LAP include Measurements of Student Progress (MSP), High School Proficiency Exam (HSP), Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) and Measures of Academic Progress (MAP).

Title I, Part A

Title I, Part A is a federally-funded program designed to provide supplemental educational services for children who are most at risk of failing to meet the state's student academic achievement standards in reading, language arts and mathematics. The program focuses on promoting reform in high-poverty schools and ensuring student access to scientifically-based instructional strategies and challenging academic content. Title I, Part A distributes funds to schools based on the number of low-income families rather than achievement.

Students in kindergarten through 8th-grade in high poverty schools benefit from the supplemental services provided by Title I funds in Clover Park School District. These opportunities allow schools to provide needed interventions to ensure students meet academic standards.

In Clover Park School District all Title I schools follow the Title I Schoolwide Model (with the exception of Oakgrove/Firwood and Lakewood Career Academy).

Assessments are used to qualify students for Title I or intervention services including Measurements of Student Progress (MSP), Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS), Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) and district approved assessments.

Key Title I Parent Notices

Parent Involvement

Parents can influence the success of their child more than any teacher or federal program. By becoming an active participant in the Title I Parent Involvement plan at your student's school, you will:

Activities that support parental involvement include family game workshops, family reading nights and parenting classes. Parents are also encouraged to volunteer at school and to participate in educational activities with their children at home.

Parental Involvement Toolkit

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English Language Learners (ELL)

The Clover Park School District offers a program for students where English is a second language. The primary purpose of the ELL program is to provide students with an educational environment that gives them the best opportunity for success.

The district’s K-12 ELL program is designed to develop competency in English as rapidly as possible in order to provide a language base for the regular curriculum. The program focuses on developing oral proficiency with the integration of reading and writing as the student progresses through the various stages involved in learning a new language.

As part of our registration process for new students, parents must respond to questions regarding the student’s first language. If the first language is anything other than English, the student is referred to the ELL program staff for testing. Access to the ELL program is determined by a student’s score on the Washington State English Language Proficiency Assessment (WELPA -Placement), upon entry into school. 

Students who score as Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced qualify for ELL services. English Language Learner students are taught by teachers trained in ELL methodology who provide specialized instruction. In accordance with state law, students exit from ELL when they score as Transitional on the WELPA. 

ELL Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)

ELL Frequently Asked Questions - Spanish (pdf)

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