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Use of School Facilities

The Board of Directors recognizes that public school facilities are community facilities that should be utilized to their maximum potential for the benefit of all community members.  The Board of Directors further recognizes that the primary purpose of these facilities is the educational program of the Clover Park School District. Within the guidelines specified by law, the superintendent or designee is authorized to develop administrative regulations and rental fees as applicable to administer the non-commercial use of school district facilities at times they are not in use by school district programs.

District-sponsored activities, including curricular and co-curricular functions, retain first priority in use of facilities. Authorization for use of school facilities will not be considered as endorsement or approval of the activity, group or organization.

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Adoption Date:  09.13.81

Clover Park School District

Revised: 11.12.85; 11.18.02; 06.11.12