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For official copies of board policies and procedures please contact the superintendent's office at (253) 583-5190 or email


The following procedures are intended to establish the framework for the implementation and supervision of school volunteer programs in the Clover Park School District as authorized by Policy 5630. Schools are required to develop and implement activities for utilizing volunteers and parent engagement.

The voluntary help of citizens should be requested by staff through administrative channels for conducting selected activities and/or to serve as resource persons.

Applicability and Scope

  1. This procedure applies to all volunteers and prospective volunteers in Clover Park School District.
  2. This procedure shall not apply to:
    • A visitor at school for a one-time special event (such as guest speakers, celebrity readers, career day special guests, and attendees at student productions, competitions or performances). Such persons shall be admitted to schools consistent with policies and procedures regulating school visitors. Under no circumstances may a visitor be left alone with students.
    • Parents who are not serving in a volunteer capacity who are visiting their students’ schools as otherwise authorized by state law and district policies.


For purposes of this procedure, “volunteer” means any person (other than an employee or contractor) authorized by Clover Park School District to assist in school learning, activities, competitions or events.

Volunteers will:

  1. Be subject to annual volunteer screening and application processes, including a background check;
  2. Work within guidelines established by administrator and district’s volunteer policies and procedures;
  3. Work under the direction and supervision of district staff;
  4. Serve in the capacity of helpers and not be assigned to roles that require specific professional training. Instructional services will be rendered under the supervision of certificated staff;
  5. Refrain from discussing the performance or actions of a student except with the student's teacher, counselor or principal;
  6. Refer to a regular staff member for final solution of any student problem which arises, whether of an instructional, medical or operational nature;
  7. Receive such information as:
    1. General job responsibilities and limitations;
    2. Information about school facilities, routines and procedures;
    3. Work schedule and place of work; and
    4. Expected relationship to the regular staff;
  8. Be provided appropriate training at the school level, if new volunteers, consistent with their tasks and existing district standards. This training will be developed under the leadership of the principal utilizing the district volunteer handbook.
  9. Have assignments and activities carefully defined in writing. Examples of suggested duties for volunteers may include:
    1. Bulletin boards;
    2. Preparation of materials for art, science, math classes;
    3. Office support duties;
    4. Clean-up activities;
    5. Library and audio visual duties;
    6. Assistance with physical education exercises;
    7. Instructional activities appropriate to the volunteer's training and classroom needs such as monitoring math assignments, listening to oral reading and others;
    8. Vision and hearing testing and approved medical surveys;
    9. School activities supervision;
    10. Playground supervision with a staff member; and
    11. Chaperoning for field-trips.
  10. Have their services terminated for these and other reasons:
    1. Program and/or duties completed;
    2. Resignation of the volunteer;
    3. Replacement by paid staff member; and
    4. Circumstances that in the judgment of the administrator may necessitate asking the volunteer to terminate services.
  11. Submit a new volunteer application each year to continue volunteering.

Status of Volunteers

Volunteers may be used to assist district personnel in local schools, as well as in district programs, activities, competitions and events. However, at all times district personnel overseeing the program, activity, competition or event retain the primary responsibility for supervising, diagnosing, prescribing, instructing and evaluating students.

At no time is a school under an obligation to accept the services of a volunteer. The acceptance and utilization of the services of any person on a voluntary basis shall be at the discretion of the school district, and the utilization of such services may be discontinued by the school district at any time.

While performing volunteer duties for the district, volunteers shall not engage in commercial, political or religious solicitation of students unrelated to their duties.

Volunteers shall avoid conflicts of interest while working with students and may not use their position for personal advantage or gain.

Volunteers must engage with students in a manner that is respectful, age-appropriate, and reflects the community expectations of adults interacting with the public school students entrusted to their supervision. Volunteers will be held to the adult-student interaction expectations for employed personnel set forth in district policy.  

Volunteers must understand and carefully abide by the district’s obligation to maintain the privacy of student educational records consistent with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), federal law regulating special education, and corresponding state law. Volunteers should never place pictures or descriptions of students on a non-district website.

No person shall volunteer to fill court-required community service or some other obligation imposed for violations of the law.


Principals and administrators are responsible for coordination and supervision of volunteers in the schools, including identifying appropriate tasks for volunteers. Program directors are similarly responsible for coordination and supervision of volunteers in other capacities.  

Each school is responsible for coordinating the background checks of volunteers serving in that school. Program directors are similarly responsible for background check compliance of volunteers working in other capacities.

The superintendent may issue further reasonable directives concerning school volunteers including, but not limited to, more stringent guidelines for screening as deemed necessary.

Process to Become a Volunteer

  1. A person who wishes to volunteer will annually complete the CPSD Volunteer application process available on the district website (5630 F1).
  2. The school’s volunteer clearances coordinator will process the background check with the Washington State Patrol. Background checks will not be required for applicants less than 18 years of age.
  3. After the background check has been completed, the school will notify the applicant whether he/she is approved. The school principal will notify those who are denied to volunteer.

Volunteer Athletic Coaches

A person who wishes to volunteer as an athletic coach must meet the following requirements according to Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) regulations and district policy:

  1. Have a valid CPR, first aid, concussion and sudden cardiac arrest certification of training; and
  2. Completed all required WIAA training and certifications for the sport(s) they apply to volunteer for.

Because volunteer coaches must meet these additional requirements, the approval process requires additional steps. To approve an applicant as a volunteer athletic coach the following process must be followed:

  1. The applicant completes the volunteer coach application (5630 F2) and provides the required certification forms;
  2. The school athletic director will ensure that the applicant has the required certifications or that the required trainings will be accomplished prior to completing the application screening process;
  3. The school athletic director will have the background check processed with the Washington State Patrol; and
  4. Once the background check is cleared, the applicant will be interviewed the appropriate head coach and other individuals as desired.

Denial of Volunteer Coaching Application

If the volunteer application is approved, but the application for volunteer coaching is denied, a letter will be sent by the school athletic director to the volunteer applicant confirming denial of application.

Athletic Event Volunteers – over 18 years of age

Individuals over the age of 18 and are graduates of high school may volunteer to be scorekeepers, statisticians, tournament workers, and other event help with the approval of the school’s athletic director.

Coaches who would like athletic event volunteers to be involved in their program must:

  1. Have the applicant complete the appropriate volunteer application, which can be obtained from the district website; and
  2. Return the complete application to the school to obtain prior approval from the school’s principal and athletic director;
  3. Prior to having a volunteer work an event, the coach must ensure the volunteer packet has been approved before allowing the volunteer to report for any assignment involving students.
  4. All volunteers must report and sign-in at the main office prior to reporting to the athletic event.

High School Students Volunteers – under the age of 18

High school students may serve as middle school level volunteers during the designated middle school season when under the direct supervision of the middle school level coach.

Coaches who would like high school volunteers to be involved in their program must:

  1. Have the applicant complete the volunteer application, which can be obtained from the district website;
  2. Return the complete application with a copy of their high school student ID to the school to obtain prior approval from the school’s principal and athletic director;
  3. Prior to having a high school volunteer work an event, the coach must ensure the volunteer packet has been approved before allowing the high school student to report for any assignment involving middle school students; and
  4. All high school-age volunteers must report and sign-in at the main office prior to reporting to the athletic event.


Date: 05.08.89

Revised: 06.12.95; 04.08.03; 02.13.13; 02.12.18