August 23, 2017


RFP New Middle School
Due: August 28, 2017, 3pm (PDT)

The purpose of this addendum is to complete information important to participating vendors. This information will assist in clarification of the request for proposal documents.

This Addendum includes questions and answers discussed at the walk thru on August 18, 2017. Also, see attached required form, Certificate for Suspension and Debarment form, site diagram, pre-submission meeting agenda and sign in sheet.

Will there be enough funding upfront for the GC/CM, EC/CM and MC/CM fees?
Yes, there is funding for those fees. Will be paid with pre construction funds. The District will request any additional funds after the Legislature passes the 2018/19 capital budget by July 2018. This role will help to identify and advise areas of potential savings by including this role early in the construction process.

Where is the delivery access?
The project is in schematic design and the construction logistics have not yet to be determined. May reroute the bus load area or designate construction deliveries to 116th St. SW. The district would like to get our contractor partner on board ASAP so that they can have input on this type of issue.

How will this project affect student bus traffic?
The student bus load area and drop off - pick up area may be redirected. There will be a traffic study that will help determine any needed changes. The desire would be to keep separation between the bus loading area, drop off-pick up area and construction traffic.

Will any trees need to be removed?
The only trees that require a permit for removal are oaks. In this area, oaks are a "protected" tree and incur some special requirements if they are to be removed as part of the construction project. There are a few Madrona trees around the perimeter that may require removal.

Are there any dates or other events that will be impacted by the construction project?
There are testing dates scheduled for April 2018. Other events will be communicated well in advance.

Has there been any official word about the new school with the neighborhood?
There has been no official word released to the neighborhood. The successful bidder and District will work together to develop an outreach program to notify the neighborhood regarding the construction project and its possible impact to their community. This can be achieved by scheduling community meetings in September or October 2017.

Note - there is a neighborhood lake, located offsite to the southeast, that is a sensitive topic.

How will construction affect the athletic programs and athletic fields?
The current design is looking at locating the new building in the location of the existing football field and track. If that location holds for the new building, there will have to be some adjustment for football and track activities until the existing building is demolished and the new track and football field can be constructed. The staff at both middle schools have been notified there will be changes to both, that will affect the location for all athletic programs during the construction schedule. If the new building is built at the area of the track, it may be possible to establish temporary construction fencing to allow at least one of the baseball fields and the adjacent open playfields to be maintained for use by P.E. This will have to be evaluated as the design is further developed.

Will any current buildings be removed to accommodate construction?
The portable buildings located to the west of the existing Gym and north of the Music Room may need to be removed to accommodate construction. It is anticipated that the remainder of the existing buildings would remain functional and operational during construction and would be demolished after the new school is completed and has been moved into. The current gym structure may or may not be demolished. Budget will determine if it is practical to keep the structure and update it to meet seismic and energy requirements and incorporate it into the new building design as an Auxiliary Gym. Updating the current gym will restrict the site position of the new structure.

What about parking?
Parking for staff will be restricted to designated areas.

Where are the utilities located?
The site map that was shared in the Pre-submission meeting was developed from the current survey and shows most of the known utility locations and easements. There is an existing sewer line and easement that crosses diagonally across the site. The District would prefer not to relocate the sewer connections. This is why the current design indicates the new building to be located in the area of the football field and track, rather than in the baseball fields where the sewer line crosses. There is a site survey available that indicates additional utilities like power and irrigation. Bidders were offered, but chose not to receive it at this stage of the project. Also, there is a storm water detention easement on the 112th St. SW border.

Are there any other known site access areas that will be impacted?
The fence gate access for pedestrian traffic at the athletic field fence line should remain open.

Are there union requirements or prevailing wage?
All workers are to be paid prevailing wages as listed on the Labor & Industry website. There are no union requirements.

Is there an engineer's estimate for the entirety of the project?
The RFP states the project is estimated for 50 million dollars.

Will the sign in sheet for the walk thru be released?
The walk thru sign in sheet is attached to this addendum.


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5.3 Firm Past Performance on Relevant Projects

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5.6 Project Approach

  • Describe your firm's approach for attracting subcontractor and supplier interest in the project, including local businesses, small business enterprises and socially and economically disadvantaged business enterprises.



Responses must be received by 3 pm on August 28, 2017.

Julie Wells, Buyer



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