Meet our Administrators

Meet our Administrators: Rebecca Sprague

Position: Principal at Woodbrook Middle School

Years in Education: 30

Years at Clover Park: 23

A Clover Park High School graduate, Rebecca Sprague has been all over the district during her 23 years in Clover Park. She made stops at Oakbrook, Custer, Lochburn, Oakgrove/Firwood and the district office before settling in at Woodbrook. She also spent eight years as a teacher in Federal Way early on her career.

What has kept you in Clover Park all these years?

If you aren’t willing to change with the landscape of the world and the community around you, you’re going to be stuck. I stand behind the values and beliefs of the Clover Park School District because I have seen them change with the time. If I didn’t think they were willing to make changes and reflect and do what we need to do to better serve kids, I would move on. Our district continues to move and progress and I want to spend my career here. 

How has your time at different schools in the district benefited you as a principal?

Lakewood is my hometown. I am a product of the Clover Park School District and both of my sons graduated from the district K-12. I’ve held a variety of positions in Clover Park because I kind of moved with my kids. Having the opportunity to travel around the district allowed me to build relationships with people around the community in different areas of Lakewood and with different staff members. I think it benefits me as a principal now because I have a wealth of knowledge that I can use to help kids and families.

What is the best part about being a Woodbrook Wildcat? 

There are a lot of great things about being a Woodbrook Wildcat. We have a really diverse staff and group of students who I learn from every day. And they learn from each other. There’s a comradery amongst our staff where if you’re out sick, somebody is going to step over and check in on your students. If you are a kid and you’re new to the school, someone is going to sit with you at lunch, and we’re going to introduce you to the administration so that you know there are other caring adults in the school you can turn to if you need help. We are a community that wants to see students succeed and being a Woodbrook Wildcat means you are part of that community and part of that helping group. 

Can you describe your leadership style in one word?

I think the best word to describe me as a principal is that I am “visible” in the school. I want students and families to know I am available to them. I want the staff to know that if they need me, I will come to their classroom to support them. I work very hard at that, and I will continue to work at as visible and available to my staff and families as I can.

What are your hobbies? 

I love to travel, but I don’t get to do it as much as I’d like. I’m looking forward to that in retirement. I like to read and spend my time reading things about being a principal and schools right now, but I like to read for pleasure, too. I love thrillers and mysteries. I went to my very first escape room over winter break, and I think I really enjoyed that! I sometimes think that if I hadn’t gone into education I would have wanted to join the FBI.