Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)

The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) requires the state and district to review annually the academic progress of federally funded Title I, Part A schools and to identify schools in need of improvement. Schools are identified as in need of improvement after two consecutive years of not making adequate yearly progress (AYP). Washington determines AYP by considering the following three measures:

  • The percentage of students scoring at the “proficient” or “advanced” level on the Washington Standards Tests for English-language arts and mathematics.
  • The percentage of students participating in those tests.
  • The graduation rate for high schools/unexcused absence rate for elementary and middle schools.

To view each school’s AYP reports and compare them to the reports from every school in the district and state, please visit the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) website. Click on the “State Report Card button.”


Public School Choice

As a result of not making AYP, parents of Dower, Lake Louise, Lakeview or Tyee Park Elementary schools have the option to transfer their student to another school within our district that has not been identified for school improvement. Those schools are:

  • Oakbrook (Preliminary 2015 data indicates 52% of students met standard in reading and 58% in math)
  • Tillicum (Preliminary 2015 data indicates 48% of students met standard in reading and 54% in math)

Students at Evergreen Elementary School have the option to transfer to the following schools:

  • Meriwether (Preliminary 2015 data indicates 59% of students met standard in reading and 64% in math)
  • Rainier (Preliminary 2015 data indicates 63% of students met standard in reading and 64% in math)

Parents of students attending Lochburn or Woodbrook Middle schools may select Harrison Preparatory School as an alternate school choice for their student. (Preliminary 2015 data indicates 75% of the students met standard in reading and 61% met standard in math.) If you choose to transfer to this school, please know that your transfer will be honored through the eighth grade, unless the receiving school fails to make AYP.

Transportation will be provided and paid for by the district. You may exercise this option by contacting Compensatory Programs at (253) 583-5152 by September 18, 2015

Number of students who took advantage of Public School Choice in previous years:

School Year

Number of Students

2007- 08


2008- 09


2009- 10


2010- 11


2011- 12


2014- 15


For more information about PSC Non-regulatory Guidance:
Public School Choice Non-Regulatory Guidance

Who to Contact

For questions about Public School Choice, please contact Compensatory Programs at (253) 583-5152.