Staff Contacts

This directory lists Administrators in the main areas of operation at Clover Park School District. All phone numbers are 253 area code.

Also see our District Services Directory

Main District Number 583.5000


Title Name Phone E-mail
Superintendent Debbie LeBeau 583.5190
Administrator for Business, Operations & Capital Projects Rick Ring 583.5010
Asst Supt for Schools - Elementary Ron Banner 583.5160
Asst Supt for Schools - Secondary Brian Laubach 583.5166
Executive Director for Human Resources Lori McStay 583.5087
Executive Director for Student Support Doug Kernett 583.5050
Executive Director for Teaching & Learning Kristi Smith 583.5141
Director of Community Relations Kim Prentice 583.5041


Office Name Phone E-mail
Assmt & Prog Eval Kim Andersen 583.5052
Capital Projects William Coon 583.5032
Career & College Readiness Diane Carver 583.5086
Human Resources Linda Krininger 583.5091
Financial Services Kristy Magyar 583.5021
Information Technology Craig Cook 583.5100
Maintenance & Operations John Boatman 583.7350
Special Education Michaela Clancy 583.5174
Student Nutrition Kevin Scott 583.5490
Student Services Holly Shaffer 583.5153
Teaching and Learning Tess McCartan 583.5140
Transportation Paul Vigil 583.5494

Elementary Schools

School Name Phone E-mail
Beachwood Paula Gayson 583.5220
Carter Lake Jeff Murrell 583.5200
Custer Trish Stallard 583.5230
Dower Megan Qualls
Evergreen Diana Dix 583.5250
Evergreen Marianne Rupprecht 583.5250
Four Heroes John Mitchell 583.5366
Four Heroes Jaclyn Shope 583.5343
Hillside David Young 583.5280
Idlewild Jim Pfeiffer 583.5290
Lake Louise Travis Holmgren 583.5310
Lakeview Meghan Eakin 583.5320
Lakeview Ray Kurtz 583.5320
Meriwether Leila Davis 583.5200
Oakbrook Sheri Warrick 583.5330
Park Lodge Synette Melluzzo 583.5350
Rainier Kylie Danielson 583.5220
Tillicum Jeff Miller 583.5370
Tyee Park Sean Schoenfeldt 583.5380

Middle Schools

School Name Phone E-mail
Hudtloff Cynthia Adams 583.5400
Hudtloff Tracy Lund 583.5400
Lochburn Greg Willson 583.5420
Lochburn Celena Zanuttina 583.5420
Mann Steve Seberson 583.5440
Woodbrook Nancy LaChapelle 583.5460
Woodbrook Rebecca Sprague 583.5463

High Schools

School Name Phone E-mail
Clover Park Tim Stults 583.5500
Clover Park Rene McCord 583.5500
Clover Park Matt Fiteny 583.5500
Clover Park Sheila Holter 583.5500
Lakes Karen Mauer-Smith 583.5562
Lakes Chelle Gallow 583.5560
Lakes DeWayne Lindh 583.5553
Lakes Tanya Simons 583.5563

Specialty Schools

School Name Phone E-mail
Harrison Preparatory Kevin Rupprecht 583.5418
Harrison Preparatory Angie Laws 583.5418
Oak Grove/Firwood Carolyn Watkins 589.7855