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Early Withdrawal Request

Parents/guardians may request to withdraw their student prior to then end of the semester. Early withdrawal requires the student to complete all current course requirements. (Clover Park School District Policy 2410: High School Graduation Requirements) prior to leaving school

If the student request to leave earlier than the last day of the sememster, one of the following options will be available at the teachers's discretion:

  1. Withdrawal/Transfer grade will be given to the student (student will transfer to the new school with this grade - it is not a transcript/final grade. The final grade will be earned at the new school);
  2. Correspondence (teacher and student will correspond by email and/or mail to complete the requirements for the course within the time frame set by the teacher); or
  3. Final grade (student will be accelerated and must complete all assignments, projects, exams and/or competency tests before leaving).

If the parents/guardians feel more communication is needed, please contact the school principal

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