Graduation Requirements

District and State Graduation Policies

The Graduation Toolkit

The Graduation Toolkit is produced each year by The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction to help educators and families understand Washington state graduation requirements. This guide is available online for easy viewing and in a downloadable format for printing.

Graduation Requirements Checklist (PDF) is organized by graduating class. Track your student’s progress as he or she moves through high school.

Please note that Clover Park School District requires more credits for graduation than the state.

Graduation Checklists

Who to contact

For more information about graduation requirements, call the appropriate high school's guidance office:

  • Clover Park High School: 253-583-5522
  • Harrison Preparatory School: 253-583-5418
  • Lakes High School: 253-583-5587

Additional Resources and Special Circumstances

Transfer Students and Special Cases

Guidelines have been established for students who have special cases (e.g., an extended illness, death of immediate family member, etc) or who transfer to a Washington public school during their junior or senior year. For transfer students, the process considers whether students have passed a high school assessment in their former state. In addition, these transfer students may access the alternative options without first taking the HSPE and/or EOC.

Appeal Assessment

Early Withdrawal Request

Family circumstances sometimes require a student to withdraw from school prior to the end of the semester. Please use the Early Withdrawal Request form, to begin the student withdrawal process.