What is ProTeach?

ProTeach is an online portfolio assessment designed for teachers seeking the Washington Professional Certificate. Teachers are evaluated on their ability to impact student learning as stated in the three Standards (WAC 181-79A-207) for the professional certificate approved by the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB).


As approved by our Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB), teachers are eligible to register for the ProTeach Portfolio after having accumulated at least 1.5 years of service. To check on your current eligibility status, email OSPI directly at

How to Register for the ProTeach Assessment

Visit and click on "Registration and Submission" to become an official candidate and pay the $495 fee.

How to Register for a Support Cohort

CPSD partners with Seattle Pacific University (SPU) to offer candidates membership in a support cohort facilitated by a district teacher. Cohorts meet on our campus rather than at SPU, and run from October to May. SPU’s tuition is $500 for four credits. While not required, cohorts provide an opportunity for candidates to study and discuss standards, as well as to give and receive feedback on portfolio entries. Look for more information on how to register in our Teacher Academy listings.

How to register for Jump Start

WEA offers a four-day summer institute to give candidates a “jump start” on the process. While not required, many candidates find this institute helpful in sorting out the program requirements. For more information click here.


Jan Lonsway, Supervisor of Professional Development

Tel: 253.583.5150

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ProTeach? What happened to ProCert?

As of September 2011, ProTeach replaces ProCert.

Can I pursue National Board Certification instead of ProTeach?


Do I have to join the district ProTeach cohort?

No. ProTeach is an online, self-paced assessment that any teacher may complete with or without a cohort. However, of the 70% who passed the most recent assessment, over 90% of them were members of a support cohort. For this reason, CPSD partners with SPU and subsidizes the tuition by 40% as a service to our teachers. It's a good idea to join, but not a requirement.

Will the cohort facilitator help me assemble my ProTeach portfolio?

Not exactly. As a teacher seeking status as a Professional Teacher, the creation of your portfolio is entirely your own responsibility. In fact, it is unethical for a cohort facilitator or any other colleague to involve him or herself to intimately in the creative process behind this portfolio; to do so would put his/her own certification in jeopardy. However, cohort facilitators are able to offer guidance on portfolio instructions and rubric feedback on your entries as you work through the process.

Am I required to attend Jump Start?

No. However, this WEA-sponsored four-day institute is very highly regarded throughout the state. Many candidates report that it gave them a leg up on the process, and was well worth the out-of-pocket $200 investment.