School Construction Project

Carter Lake Elementary School

Project Review

Size 67,200 SF
Capacity 500 Students
Budget $31.15 Millsion
Architect BCRA
Contractor Skanaska

Construction Updates

  • July 2013
  • June 2013
  • May 2013
  • April 2013
  • March 2013
  • February 2013
  • January 2013
  • December 2012
  • November 2012
  • October 2012
  • September 2012
Demolition of the old Carter Lake Elementary has begun. Construction crews are working on the final phases of the Carter Lake project. The plumbing is complete along with the whiteboard installation in classrooms. In July, many exterior elements will be completed such as fencing, play areas and landscaping.
A lot of interior work is nearing completion including the plumbing fixture installation, painting, casework installation, and kitchen tile and equipment installation. Outside, the fence installation continues as does irrigation and site concrete curbs and sidewalks installation, which is anticipated to be complete in June.
Workers continue to paint the inside and outside of the school. Installation of plumbing fixtures is at the midway point. A perimeter fence is being erected. In May, all of these items will get wrapped up, along with the completion of the kitchen ceiling and tile.
It’s been a busy month at the new Carter Lake Elementary. Interior drywall and curtain wall operable window installations are done. Interior painting continues and exterior painting has started. The electrical and mechanical systems are being roughed-in and interior casework and tile installation have begun as well. Crews continue to work on fiber cement siding and the substructure system, interior suspended ceiling and plumbing fixture installation have been started. The finish grading, irrigation and curbs and sidewalk work is underway.


Construction crews continue to make steady progress at Carter Lake Elementary. The outside brick is complete. The roof is going up; electrical and mechanical systems are being roughed in; interior sound insulation work continues; and the drywall prime and paint system has begun.
Carter Lake Elementary school is beginning to take shape! Many items and installations will continue through February, such as the roofing system, masonry veneer, electrical and mechanical and interior framing. A new project in the month of February is the installation of the substructure for the siding system. February may be a short month, but there’s a lot to be accomplished!
Work continues on the roofing system and exterior envelope with the anticipated dry in occurring in late February. Mechanical and electrical rough-in is nearly complete and heating units will arrive soon. Interior framing is about 65 percent complete. Installation of brick veneer is approximately 55 percent complete. Windows and curtain wall framing will start at the end of this month.
Steel framing has been completed, paving the way for structural CMU (cinder blocks) at the gym/multipurpose room. Work continues on electrical and mechanical systems, exterior and interior metal stud framing, and roof deck installation. The installation of the second floor and mechanical attic slab on the metal deck is completed.




The erosion and sediment controls have been installed for the site. Additionally, the perimeter foundation and the slab on grade is complete. Work continues on the installation of the second floor and exterior framing of the building.


The storm drain system, foundations and the concrete for the first floor are complete. The underground electrical and mechanical work on the site is almost wrapped up. The structural concrete masonry unit in the gymnasium (multipurpose area) will be installed in the coming weeks along with the roof deck and the structural steel in the classroom area.


Site utility work has been completed, and infiltration galleries on both the east and west sides are nearly complete. Structural excavation is finished, and all-grade beam rebar has been tied and set in place. Foundations in the gym are finished, and work on grade beams in the administration and kindergarten section has begun. Electrical and mechanical work is also underway, and the perimeter foundation drainage piping has also begun. This is all important foundational work that will set the stage for the new school.


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