School Construction Project

Hillside Elementary School

Project Review

Size 73,100 SF
Capacity 650 Students
Budget $33.69 Millsion
Architect BCRA
Contractor Skanaska

Construction Updates

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Nearly 300 students, parents, staff and dignitaries celebrated the grand opening of Carter Lake and Hillside Elementary Schools on Oct. 16. The grand opening celebrated the construction and completion of both schools, the first schools in the country to be built under the Military Child Initiative.

Special guests at the grand opening included former U.S. Representative, the honorable Norm D. Dicks; LTG Robert Brown, Commanding General I Corps; JBLM Joint Base Commander COL H. Charles Hodges, Jr. and COL David Kumashiro, Commander 62nd Airlift Wing.

Both schools were built at their current locations. The two schools total more than 132,000 square feet with additional parking and new sports fields.

Construction of these projects provided work for 22 subcontractors from the Puget Sound region.

The Carter Lake and Hillside Elementary Schools Grand Opening Celebration takes place at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 16 at the new Carter Lake Elementary School. Students, families and many special guests will attend.


Final touches to both schools were done over the summer to include landscaping, safety lighting, moving of furniture and equipment and signage. Staff at both schools welcomed families and students into the new schools on the first day of school—Sept. 3. A grand opening celebration for both schools will be held in October.


The district has received the temporary occupancy permit for both schools. As a result, furniture and equipment has been moved into the new schools. Exterior work is being completed to include sidewalks and curbs, grading, landscaping and fencing. Staff will receive training on the new school technology later this month.
In July, many exterior projects such as landscaping, sidewalks and irrigation will be completed. Construction crews are working on the final ‘punch list’ which indicates the project is nearing completion. The installation of play structures is complete.


Significant interior work is getting done including kitchen tile installation, painting and plumbing fixture installation. In June, the electrical and mechanical finishing, suspended ceiling installation and interior casework are anticipated to be complete. Outside, the site concrete curbs and sidewalks, fence installation and the play structure are anticipated to be finished in June.


Last month, workers began some major finishing touches such as the outdoor play structure installation and the completion of the concrete siding. In May, workers will wrap up the mechanical and electrical work, painting and installation of plumbing fixtures.
Steady progress continues on the new Hillside Elementary. The masonry veneer at the main entry, and curtain wall window and interior drywall installation is complete. Continued progress is being made on the fiber cement siding and substructure systems, along with interior painting. The electric and mechanical systems are being roughed in and installation of the interior suspended ceiling, casework and tiling has started. Final grading of the play field is complete. Installation of fencing and site curbs and sidewalks has started as well.
At Hillside Elementary, the exterior brick is nearly complete and the roof is being installed. Aside from the other elements currently being installed – electrical and mechanical systems, interior sound insulation, interior drywall and curtain wall windows – the final grading of the play fields has begun. Additionally, the drywall prime and paint system is underway.
Hillside Elementary reached a few construction milestones in January as the project kicked off the masonry, mechanical and interior sound insulation. These projects will continue into February along with the installation for the substructure for siding. All of these project milestones are starting to take shape!
Work continues on the roofing system and exterior envelope with the anticipated dry in occurring in late February. Mechanical and electrical rough-in is nearly complete and heating units have been installed. Interior framing is about 65 percent complete. Brick veneer has started. Windows and curtain wall framing will start at the end of this month.
With the steel “skeleton” nearly complete, the installation of the structural block support elements; electrical and mechanical systems; exterior and interior metal framing; and the roof deck has begun.
The perimeter foundation of the school, along with the installation of the temporary erosion and sediment controls are complete. If you drive by the site, you’ll notice construction crews erecting structural steel and installing the roof deck.
The storm drain systems, foundations and the roof drain piping are complete. Similar to Carter Lake, the structural concrete masonry unit in the gymnasium (multipurpose area) will be installed in the coming weeks. Additionally, the roof deck installation and a mock-up of the exterior wall systems will be wrapped up by the end of this month.
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