School Construction Project

Rainier Elementary School

Project Review

Size 77,895 SF
Capacity 650 Students
Budget $38.6 Millsion
Architect Integrus
Contractor Korsmo

Construction Updates


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Both schools are fully operational and students, staff and families enjoy their new learning spaces. The Meriwether and Rainier Elementary Schools grand opening celebration took place Oct. 8 at the new Meriwether Elementary School. Students, families and many special guests attended.
Construction on Rainier and Meriwether Elementary Schools is rapidly approaching completion. Both schools are substantially complete and the district is currently moving in furniture and equipment. Both schools have also received their certificates of occupancy and passed all inspections. Ongoing work on the interior is mostly concentrated in the common and reception areas. The custom casework is being installed in the reception and waiting room areas while the terrazzo flooring is being finished in the commons and multi-purpose rooms. Feature murals will be installed in the upcoming weeks in both schools. Ongoing work on the exterior of the building August 2014 is focused mainly on site work and irrigation. Landscapers are finishing lawn seeding and plantings at both schools.

The installation of play tile surfacing around the playground equipment is complete. Asphalt parking lots are finished and site signage is being installed. Next, the team will finish touching up interior finishes, custom casework and signage. On the outside of the schools, the planting and seeding will wrap up soon in preparation for school to start at the end of this month.

Construction of Rainier and Meriwether Elementary Schools is progressing towards substantial completion. Work on the interiors is wrapping up in preparation for upcoming inspections. Kitchen equipment is installed and being tested while the final touches on the multi-purpose room terrazzo floor and gymnasium wall panels is finishing. Terrazzo flooring is also being installed in the commons areas at both schools. Carpeting and finishing touches on casework are occurring in the administrative areas. In the classroom wings, work is finishing up with corridor wainscot while flooring, tackable wall panels and sinks are being installed in July 2014  classrooms. Outside, the focus is on site work. Playground equipment has been installed and the playgrounds have been prepped for the installation of the play tile. Asphalt is being laid and striping will take place soon in the parking lots. Interior finishes, custom casework and signage will be completed. Finishing touches on the school exteriors will be completed while planting and seeding and exterior signage begin.
Construction on Meriwether and Rainier Elementary Schools continues with work wrapping up on the schools’ exterior. Site work has begun in earnest and interior finishes are being installed. All interior walls have been painted and final finishes are being applied. Casework construction is continuing while installation of vinyl flooring and polished concrete floors in the classrooms and corridors is ongoing. The wood floor is being installed in the gym and kitchen equipment is ready for installation. Ceiling work in the commons is wrapping up and preparations are underway for the terrazzo flooring.

Outside, acrylic panel installation and painting is finishing up, along with the roof, window and door placement. The exterior canopies have been erected and sidewalk entries will be poured soon. In the coming months, interior finishes and site work will be the main focus for the construction team as they work towards substantial completion.

Construction on Meriwether and Rainier Elementary Schools continues with work on the exterior façades along with many developments on the interior. The majority of interior walls are framed, drywall installed, and a large portion of ground floor interior walls in the classroom wings and commons are being painted. Restrooms are receiving wall and floor tile and casework is being installed in kindergarten classrooms.

Hard drywall ceilings are installed and painted in the library and lay-in ceilings are being placed in the corridors and classrooms coupled with placement of interior lighting fixtures. Outside, acrylic panel installation continues along with exterior glazing and brick veneer nearing completion. Site work, including construction of sidewalks, irrigation and earth grading, continues. In the coming weeks, casework installation will continue and elevator and kitchen equipment installations will be done.

Last month, the construction on Rainier Elementary School (formerly known as Clarkmoor) and Meriwether Elementary School (formerly known as Greenwood) progressed quickly. Now, both schools are mostly dried in. The roof is weather tight, the exterior framing is finished, and the weather barrier is installed as windows are going in. On the exterior, the brick veneer is almost finished and masons are completing the precast cap installation. Finally, the walls are being prepped for the installation of the acrylic plaster panels. Inside, partitions are being framed and drywall is being installed throughout all three areas. As walls are completed, finishes are being applied including painting, tile and ceiling installation. In coming weeks, continued progress with exterior glazing and interior and exterior finishes, as well as the commencement of site work and casework installation, will be evident at both sites.
Last month, construction on Clarkmoor and Greenwood Elementary Schools has progressed quickly. At both schools, masons have transitioned from structural masonry to the installation of brick veneer and precast concrete at the exterior walls. They are currently working their way around the building in all three areas. The majority of the structural steel is complete in Areas A and B. The steel erectors are now focusing on finishing up Area C. Roof installation is ongoing at both schools with the purpose of getting dried in as soon as possible. Exterior metal stud framing and interior wall partitions are being framed. The areas enclosed with temporary windows will be heated so drywall installation can begin. In upcoming weeks, installation of exterior glazing will begin and work will continue to fully enclose both schools.
Construction of Clarkmoor and Greenwood Elementary Schools has moved onward and upward over the last month. Structural masonry in Area C at the gym/ multipurpose room at both schools is complete. Masons will install brick veneer and precast concrete on the exterior walls. Steel erection continues at both schools. The bulk of the structural steel is finished in Areas A and B. The steel erectors are now focusing on the roof joists and trusses at Area C. The second floor and mechanical mezzanine floor slabs have been poured. The floor finishers have completed their initial grind for the polished concrete flooring in the corridors. Metal stud framing has begun at the exterior and interior walls. This includes the installation of the exterior sheathing and rough-ins for electrical and plumbing. At both sites, the “drying in” process will continue over the coming weeks.
The construction of Clarkmoor and Greenwood Elementary Schools has progressed in spite of the unusually cold temperatures in December. The bulk of the progress can be seen in the erection of steel in the classroom wings and the masonry wall construction at the gym and multi-purpose rooms. Crews at both schools are very close to finishing the structural masonry walls and are setting the steel embed plates preparing for steel roof joists to be placed soon. The structural steel framing in the rest of the school is going up quickly. The second floor metal deck and rebar is in place in Area A at Clarkmoor and Area B at Greenwood is finishing up. The second floor concrete slabs will be poured in the upcoming weeks. The next couple of weeks will see the finishing of the structural masonry block walls, the continued erection of structural steel and the start of non- structural steel framing.
Crews have taken full advantage of the good weather we’ve experienced the last few weeks. Site utility work continues, while the foundation and underground work is complete at both schools. The major slab on grade concrete pours are finished at both schools and crews are laying concrete block walls in Area C at

the gym and multi-purpose rooms. Steel has arrived on both sites and is being erected in the classroom wings of both schools. Crews will continue work on concrete block walls, including rebar and grout, as well as steel erection in Area B of both schools.

Construction at Clarkmoor and Greenwood Elementary Schools has moved above ground. Both schools are wrapping up foundation and underground plumbing and electrical rough-ins. The construction teams have poured slabs on grade at the gym, multi-purpose, kitchen and stage areas. Cinder block walls are also going up in the gym and multi-purpose room areas. Pouring of remaining

slabs and lying of cinder block in the gym and multi- purpose areas will continue for the next few weeks.

The rough grading is mostly complete at both sites and foundation construction is ongoing. Foundation footings and concrete stem walls are complete throughout the building. The underground electrical and plumbing have been installed at the gym, multi-purpose, and kitchen areas at Clarkmoor. The underground utilities have been installed in the north classroom wing for Greenwood. Pouring of slab on grade is scheduled to start in two weeks.
Construction is well underway at Clarkmoor and Greenwood Elementary Schools. The rough grading is mostly complete at both sites and foundation construction is ongoing. Both schools have initiated construction in the gym/multi-purpose area. Foundation footings and concrete stem walls are complete in the gym, multi- purpose and kitchen areas. In the academic wing at Greenwood and the administrative wing at Clarkmoor, the footings have been poured and steel rebar has been set for structural brace frame foundations. The rest of the buildings’ foundation formwork is in place awaiting reinforcing steel and concrete. Elsewhere on site, the base course is complete for the parking lot at both schools and the bus loop is finished at Clarkmoor.
Site and building designs for both new schools are complete. Bidding is open for sub-contractors. The new Greenwood Elementary School will be located on a new, undeveloped 11-acre site in the JBLM-North Meriwether housing area. The new Clarkmoor Elementary School will be located near the existing school on a new 10.75-acre site on JBLM-Main, adjacent to the Clarkdale residential housing area. Construction crews are wrapping up site grading in preparation for the building pads. Crews are also beginning the installation of new permanent utilities.


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