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Twenty-five district teachers earn National Board Certification 

Twenty-five Clover Park School District (CPSD) teachers recently earned their National Board Certification. CPSD has one of the highest percentages of National Board Certificated teachers in Pierce County. Thirteen percent of CPSD educators are National Board Certified. 

Two district staff also renewed their certification this year. 

National Board Certification is an advanced teaching credential. As part of the process, teachers analyze their teaching content and students’ needs, submit videos of their teaching and provide student work samples that demonstrate growth and achievement. 

Since 2005, 201 CPSD staff have achieved National Board Certification. CPSD currently has 115 Nationally Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) on staff, with 78 percent of them teaching at challenging schools. The number fluctuates each school year due to retirements and staff entering and leaving the district. 

“The exemplary work ethic and commitment to student achievement that these NBCTs exemplify is shaping the culture of our schools,” said Jan Lonsway, supervisor of professional development. “Their leadership and passion really empowers our students to work hard and achieve their own goals.” 

According to numbers released by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, Washington state has the largest group of newly certified National Board Certified educators. A total of 1,431 Washington state educators achieved certification this year. 

Currently, 60 CPSD educators are working on their National Board Certification.

New 2018 NBCT Teachers